About CorePowered

CorePowered Entrepreneurs is the leading business coaching resource for women entrepreneurs over forty.

CorePowered is more than an approach to business, it is a way of life lived from the inside-out.  It is from this internal source that we gain our power. This personal power is what guides us, fuels us, and makes us who we are.  By living the CorePowered life and self expression through a CorePowered business, we are able to bring a new authenticity and shift in the way business is conducted.

As women, and especially as seasoned, prime-time women, we are gifted with the natural talents most needed in the world today to bring about a radical shift in the way business is conducted not only at home, but around the world. Insight into the top companies today reveals that their success is driven by innovation and vision brought about by the introduction of feminine qualities such as collaboration, intuition, sensuality, and creativity into traditional business.

As women entrepreneurs we are the linch pin to global, economic success and peace.  As entrepreneurs we are the key to economic growth and as women we control the destiny of future generations to come.

It’s time for us to come into our own, step up to our glory, and redefine business for the new millennium.

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