Creativity & the Feminine

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Creativity and The Feminine

The discussion on creativity has evolved in recent years. While some people may still persist in believing that only a select few of the population are creative geniuses, many others are beginning to recognize that we are all creative beings, and many of those considered creative geniuses were actually just people who gave more time to their creativity. That revelation is also changing the way we define creativity. It is no longer limited to art in the traditional sense – writing, drawing, and painting – and has instead grown to encompass the idea of creative living. Everything you do can be an expression of your creativity, if you recognize yourself as inherently creative and also commit yourself to a creative life.

The Creative Feminine Entrepreneur

Still, it takes time to figure out your creative strengths and how to express them in your daily life. If you’re a CorePowered entrepreneur, you know that creativity is considered a feminine quality – but what exactly does that mean?

The Divine Feminine

When talking about the divine feminine, we reference an energy rather than gender. Both men and women have masculine and female energies, and it’s in creating the optimal balance between the two that we become our best selves. Creativity is a feminine quality because it is fueled by the same energy that causes us to seek our true nature and ease suffering. In yoga, this energy is known as Shakti, and it is not only the creative force of the Universe but also the creative force within you.

Shakti is believed to live in each and every one of us, and is known as simply Kundalini when embodied in us.

Not only does recognizing kundalini allow you to tap into the divine inspiration previously only known to geniuses, but it will also allow you to overcome any of the limitations you place on yourself. Excuses of not being creative won’t fly – not when there’s a well of untapped creativity within you.

Tapping Into The Powerful Force of Creativity

Imagine being able to tap into that powerful force of creativity? The word “genius” wouldn’t even cover it anymore, and your life would become rife with creative expression.

Those expressions could take many forms, as creativity often does. You would be able to come to more creative solutions, most likely using your intuition and ability to reconcile many different points of view – also feminine qualities. Your business could be reignited or restarted. You would overflow with ideas. And to think, everything you need is already inside you. Gifted to you by divine feminine energy that lives in you.

Women Divert Their Creative Energy Into Multiple Areas

Early research suggests that when it comes to creativity, women differ from men in that women divert their creative energy into multiple different areas. While women may benefit from focusing intensely on one project at a time, the creative energy of the world is also dispersed in many areas. When you start to view creativity as an infinite source, it’s easier to believe that you can try many things. Also, you may find that your creativity is expressed in nontraditional ways.

Next time you’re lacking a creative spark, try to tap into the feminine energy in you – and trust it.

How do you tap into your feminine creativity?

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