Is The Little Girl From The Past Calling You?

July 22nd, 2014 0 Comment
White Dress Feeling Women

We want to experience that white dress feeling again–that time when we were young, innocent and naive. When the whole world was an oyster and around every corner was a new pearl waiting to be discovered. The joy of living just was. It needed no reason, no explanation. We were happy just to be.   There was no past, no future. Everyday was an exploration. Dancing in the yard with the cool, green grass between our toes, the sun drenching our skin, the blue sky our canvas and the ever-changing clouds an endless array of dynamic sculptures for our entertainment and amusement. Our white dress twirling from the sides of our tanned legs as we whirled around soaking in everything, delighting in the senses with all that the present moment provided. We were one with everything and everything one with us.

Dancing In The Meadow

Thee were no bills, no responsibilities, no tomorrows. Creativity abounded—how to make a necklace from the dandelions that grew prolifically in the meadow, building a fort in the gnarled tree in the backyard, and delighting in the simplicity of everything that crossed our path.

Where Is The Little Girl In The White Dress?

Where did all that go? Where is the girl in the little white dress?

Was it gobbled up by the new baby, the countless hours spent climbing the corporate ladder, the endless car pools; or by the stress of planning for the future, paying off the mortgage, and the ravages of divorce and heartbreak?

We feel it inside. We hear it.

It’s the faint murmur of the young girl in the white dress, reminding us she’s not gone. She wasn’t a mere remembrance of our past, but an important part of us locked deep inside. And now that the kids are off to school, we are the boss at work, we are the woman of the house, we have “arrived”, now is the time that we hear the whisper of the little girl in the white dress in the shadows of our now.

At first it is almost inaudible, but each day the murmur grows. Slow and rhythmic, it pounds with the deep resonance of a primal drum, calling us to ourselves. To that place that is pure and authentic, that place that not only remains still and calm but emanates unbounded power, creativity, and joy. That place that we know is us. That place that is our Core.

That little girl never went away. She didn’t abandon us and she wasn’t destroyed by the weight of the world.

She has merely been waiting—patiently, steadfast.

Waiting for her time.

But you are not the little girl in the white dress anymore. You are the woman in the white dress. The two of you are one half of the whole.

And your time, is now.

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