Productivity and The Feminine

April 22nd, 2016 0 Comment
Productivity And The Feminine

There has been much debate about whether men or women are the more productive sex. However, as with anything, it is actually more helpful to focus on how we can capitalize on our strengths rather than comparing ourselves. How do we as women utilize our natural feminine qualities to our full advantage to become more productive?

Feminine Qualities That Help Improve Productivity

1. Networking and Collaborating

Networking and collaborating come naturally to us. We thrive on forming a network or tribe, and that’s repeatedly been shown to help creativity flourish.  We can use networking and tribe building to our advantage, by combining ideas from diverse origins and promoting each other’s talents. Two heads are always better than one, and woman not afraid to ask for directions.

2. Focused On Desired Outcomes

We strive for a desired outcome instead of an end goal. In other words, we care about the journey just as much as the destination – and isn’t that the most important thing? In business, and in life, results are rarely guaranteed, so it helps to practice non-attachment.

By not getting attached to specific results, we’re more likely to focus and build upon the positives found along the way.  In direct contrast, men are more likely to take a linear approach. By focusing on a direct outcome and avoiding distraction, they’re less likely to look at other off-the-path ideas. When we follow the feminine approach, we have the opportunity to come up with new and better ideas than what we originally set out to accomplish.

3. Natural Persuaders

As women, we care about others and have empathy, which helps us be more persuasive.  While men are more direct, favoring command positions and giving orders, we care about others opinion and strive for consensus.  Not only does this help us get past roadblocks, but it also creates ownership and buy-in, which speeds the process going forward.

4. Intuitive

A woman’s intuition is a powerful thing! When we trust our gut-instinct, it more often than not proves to provide the best and fastest path forward.

5. Incubators

We like to let ideas resonate and ruminate. While this may seem to be a negative asset for productivity, if we are stuck, we can take a break, let the incubation process take place and come up with new ideas to proceed.

Do you find that these qualities help with productivity?

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