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90 Days To Clarity: Create Your Post Retirement Business & Lifestyle Success Plan

Are you a successful, professional woman, over forty with a strong desire to start a business but you don’t know where to start? Do you have tons of ideas about what you want to do but struggle with how to choose “the one” that will not only provide you financial security and freedom but will also absolutely light your fire and fill you with a sense of passion and purpose?

If you’re like most women standing at the mid-life cross roads, now is a time filled with great expectations and a myriad of transitions – becoming an empty-nester, approaching retirement, and moving into the second half of life. In addition to being an exciting time, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. While now is your time to do what you want and have planned for, deciding on which path to take can be difficult.

The 90 Days To Clarity: Create Your Post Retirement Business & Lifestyle Success Plan package is designed for budding women entrepreneurs beginning the 2nd half of life who know they are destined for more. At the end of 90 days you will have the clarity you need regarding who you are, what you want, and an action plan to create a legacy that matters. You’ll follow a simple two-phase system to first discover your unique 7 inner keys and unlock your authentic power and in the second phase design a business tailored specifically to your unique gifts, talents, passion, purpose, and desires. Just as no two people are a like, in order to live the life of your dreams, your business must be just as unique as you and hand-crafted to support your unique purpose and journey.

Together over 90 days, we will uncover the unique you and create a business design and plan to support your mission.

Here’s how your life will change:

Phase 1: The 7 Inner Keys To Clarity: Creating A Life & Business That Will Light Your Fire & Feed Your Soul

  • Gain a clear sense of purpose and experience a calm sense of knowing why you are here
  • Make decisions confidently and eliminate self-doubt
  • Discover your unique gifts and enjoy the satisfaction of sharing them
  • No longer rely on external resources to define success and happiness
  • Know exactly when you should be asking for help and when you should be doing things yourself
  • Never feel pulled in multiple directions when others ask you to do something that conflicts with your priorities or values
  • Confidently say no and feel at peace with your decision
  • Feel confident about the plan you’ve set for your life and know that you are doing what you were meant to do
  • Know when you’ve gone off track and how to quickly and easily correct course
  • Have a schedule that allows you to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do, spend time with family and friends, travel, and really enjoy life
  • Feel grateful for every moment you have and know that when you die, you can say with confidence that your life mattered

Phase 2: Wealth from Within™: Create A Secure, Flexible Retirement Doing What You Love

  • Create financial security and freedom doing not only what you love, but what you were meant to do
  • Experience true success and happiness on your own terms with a business model that supports and enhances your desires, strengths, passion, purpose and desired lifestyle, instead of trying to fit yourself into someone else’s model
  • Feel reassured knowing that you can maintain your independence and self-reliance when you are not able to work through passive and recurring income generation
  • Have time to pursue hobbies and interests, travel, and enjoy your family with a business designed to support your desired lifestyle
  • Confidently share your unique gifts with the world and live the fulfillment of knowing that you are leaving a legacy that matters

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VIP Intensive Personalized Coaching

One-on-one coaching personalized to your specific needs; half or full day programs. Programs can be held live or virtually via skype or phone.  If you’re interested in scheduling a VIP day give us a call so we can discuss your needs and scheduling.  VIP slots are limited, so call now.


Live Events:

Wealth from Within™ LIVE! Create A Secure, Flexible Retirement Doing What You Love Intensive Workshop

Live 3-Day Intensive Workshop

A hands-on live experience where you and other budding women entrepreneurs collaborate and learn how to create your own personal CorePowered® Framework, PassionFolioTM, and 12 Month Action Plan.

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