Breaking The Mold – How To Have A Business That Is Uniquely You

We all know that we are each unique.  We each have our own strengths, challenges, desires, passions, values, and physical attributes.  So why do we all try to conform to a standard business model?  Yes there are traditional elements of a business model that will be consistent across all businesses, but I think it’s time for us to step back and assess who we are, what we want, how we can best serve others and ourselves and create a business model that is uniquely tailored to us. It’s time to stop trying to fit ourselves into a one-size-fits all mold and instead sculpt a business model that is designed to support and enhance the life and business we want to create.

When One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

The great thing about having our own business is that we get to determine what it will be!  But so often we fall prey to tradition.  Just because everyone else in our industry is doing things in a certain way doesn’t mean it is the only way.  Look at crowdfunding. Who would have thought you could get financing for your company by posting a request on the internet and have complete strangers GIVE you money to bring your new idea to life?  But the founders of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, bucked traditional financing and did just that.

Innovation is a wonderful thing and it is usually born out of necessity when your desire is strong enough and the traditional ways just aren’t working.

Now I’m not saying that you ignore best business practices.  In fact, we should all strive to get to know the best practices of our industry and utilize the elements that support our Purpose-driven business goals and strategies.  By understanding the various components that make up a business and understanding best practices that will help us to accomplish our unique goals in a way that fits our Core attributes, we can mix and match elements to create a unique model that suits us.  And when our drive and purpose is strong enough and the elements don’t quite help us meet those objectives, then we brainstorm to discover a new way to tweak the business model so that it does work.  We don’t try to change ourselves to fit the model!

Hand Sculpt Your Biz Just For You

That is what a CorePowered business is all about.  It is about first understanding yourself (your Core)–your unique values, strengths, passions, purpose, and just as importantly, your boundaries.   From there you can develop a business model that is sculpted precisely to your requirements.  Knowing who you are, who you serve, how you want to serve, and the lifestyle you want to create; you can evaluate various options for your offerings, delivery model, resources, and structure and build a model that will support you in creating a life and business that fulfills your deepest desires and purpose.

Don’t forsake doing what you love because you don’t see a model that works; break the mold and hand sculpt the business and life you desire!

How have you broken the mold or bucked tradition?

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