Breaking The Mold – How To Have A Business That Is Uniquely You

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We all know that we are each unique.  We each have our own strengths, challenges, desires, passions, values, and physical attributes.  So why do we all try to conform to a standard business model?  Yes there are traditional elements of a business model that will be consistent across all businesses, but I think it's time [...]

What To Do When Others Are Bringing You Down

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According to the dictionary, a visionary (noun) is “a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.” But often others are threatened by new and different ways of doing and thinking of things. For the visionary, especially a Solopreneur, we can often feel isolated and often treated like we are [...]

Women Change Agents And The Entrepreneurship of Everything

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Last month in New York City over 300 of today’s women leaders came together for the Forbes Women Summit: Power Redefined. This year’s theme was fittingly “The Entrepreneurship of Everything” with the primary thread of thought presented being that in order to effect change, one must take on the entrepreneurial mindset, spirit, and approach in [...]

Creativity & the Feminine

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The discussion on creativity has evolved in recent years. While some people may still persist in believing that only a select few of the population are creative geniuses, many others are beginning to recognize that we are all creative beings, and many of those considered creative geniuses were actually just people who gave more time [...]

The Next Generation Of Female Change Agents

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One thing I have noticed in talking with women entrepreneurs, is we lack role models.  I find for myself that although I was one of the first professional women in the tech industry, the way in which I was able to be successful was by taking on male leadership qualities and adapting to the expectations [...]

Productivity and The Feminine

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There has been much debate about whether men or women are the more productive sex. However, as with anything, it is actually more helpful to focus on how we can capitalize on our strengths rather than comparing ourselves. How do we as women utilize our natural feminine qualities to our full advantage to become more [...]

Feminine Power: What Every Women Leader Needs

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What is feminine power and how do we effectively use it to inspire and lead others? In many ways feminine power is paradoxical: It is strong, but not forceful It is expressive, but not through words It has emotional backbone, but is vulnerable It's no wonder men have been confused on how to deal with [...]

Feminine Leadership: How to Find Your Voice

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How To Find Your Feminine Voice No matter your gender, discovering your voice as an entrepreneur is always the first (and often the hardest) step in starting your own business. Before you throw yourself onto the world’s stage, you have to understand what your message is and why you should be the one to share [...]

Changing the World One Woman At A Time

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It’s no surprise that women hold the key to our future. Not only in the obvious sense, as it is women who will give birth to future generations, but women entrepreneurs and leaders are changing the corporate, political, and economic landscapes.  Despite the fact that only 3% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women, the McKinsey [...]

Are Women Creating a Paradigm Shift in Leadership?

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The rise of female leaders nationally and globally is proving to have a huge affect on what leadership means in the modern world. While the business world is largely accustomed to the way men do things, as they still fill the majority of leadership roles, new studies reveal that the different leadership styles of women [...]