Twitter for Entrepreneurs Only?

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Looking for a more targeted channel to connect with other entrepreneurs? is a new social network designed for entrepreneurs and start ups from around the world to meet and collaborate.  It's a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals to share ideas, get feedback and network for joint ventures. With all the noise [...]

Want to be a Better Leader? 7 Clues to our Shadow Side

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An important component in Attraction Marketing is connection with those you want to attract. Often, we want to project only our best characteristics and conceal our weaknesses.  But this rarely works.  Those around us are much more conscious of our short comings than we are.  Maybe because we have spent so much time trying to [...]

Just Released-The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success eReport

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I just released a new eReport today-The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Guide to Success, the first in an installment of my Living from the Core series. We live in a world that is increasingly focused on the bottom line.  Business is conducted with emphasis on sales and careers and selected more on making money rather than on what [...]

True Wealth: The Ultimate Goal of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

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As entrepreneurs we all want to achieve success. But have you ever noticed the difference between "successful" people. Some seem to have it all--money, social standing, family, beautiful homes--everything any one could ask for; yet they end up with drug and alcohol problems, unhappy, self-destructive or worse.  And then there are those with all of [...]

Marketing the Brand: Laser Focus in 60 Seconds or Less

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While the elevator speech was first promoted as a tool for an entrepreneur to pitch his idea to a venture capitalist or other investor, I have found the elevator speech to be of great value as a positioning statement.  This is a laser focused, concise, no frills statement of your target market, offering, benefits, competitors and unique sales [...]

7 Keys to Nurturing Your Sales Lead List-A Communication Plan

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As an entrepreneur you know the value is all in your list.  The first goal is to generate leads and create a list. The second is nurturing your list.  Your goal is to build a relationship with your list and to maintain a lifelong relationship with your list, so that you can monetize it. So [...]

Authentic Leadership Vs. Alpha Leadership

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I hear a lot about being an alpha leader; proving to your tribe that you are leader, that you are alpha. I have started to hear a number of newer entrepreneurs telling others that every successful entrepreneur must establish themselves as a leader by demonstrating certain characteristics defined as alpha behaviors. But I think there [...]