Want To Know Why You Can’t Ever Get Started?

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We all want to be more productive, but what do we do when we can't even get started?  We have a great plan, we're ready to go, but each day our start date seems to get put off another day.  Is this procrastination? Resistance? Whatever it is, despite all of our productivity techniques, we're getting [...]

Productivity and The Feminine

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There has been much debate about whether men or women are the more productive sex. However, as with anything, it is actually more helpful to focus on how we can capitalize on our strengths rather than comparing ourselves. How do we as women utilize our natural feminine qualities to our full advantage to become more [...]

Top 3 ways to Reduce Your Time and Get More Done With Less

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Doing More In Less Time A lot of our time is wasted running our business inefficiently.  Often it's just because we haven't thought to stop and figure out how to improve our efficiency.  My old software company developed a business process optimization and workflow tool for large transaction-intensive organizations. This was a tool designed to [...]

What Does It Really Mean To Be Productive?


Productivity and Value Productivity is one of the keys to a CorePowered business.  In a traditional job you are typically paid based on the amount of time you spend at work, i.e. by the hour, annual salary.  One of the big switches for an entrepreneur is the realization that you are paid (or should be, [...]

How To Measure Productivity in a CorePowered Biz

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More Than Traditional KPIs There are common Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) for all businesses, which are metrics used to measure the performance of your business. These can cover many aspects of your business, from productivity to the success of a particular project. However, it becomes a little trickier to quantify less tangible benefits, such as metrics [...]

The Top 4 Time Wasters and How to Eliminate Them

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Increasing Productivity Increasing productivity and establishing better time-management skills is on every entrepreneurs to do list ...if only they could find the time to get to them. Here's some of the biggest time wasters that plague us all and how to eliminate them. 1. Interruptions The problem with many of the interruptions that take us away from [...]