Expand Your Reach With Cooperative Marketing

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In traditional business there is a lot of emphasis placed on competition. We do a  competitive analysis, we strategize on competitive positioning, and how to beat the competition.  While its always good to know who and what other offerings are available to your customer, that whole approach fosters a mentality of scarcity and pits people [...]

Why You Should Be Sharing Your Cause

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This week we are going to discuss Why You Should Be Sharing Your Cause and Cause-marketing. Simon Sinek, the author of “Know Your Why” states, “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”.   In a time when people crave authenticity and transparency, [...]

How To Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

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So everyone is always hoping to create that viral marketing campaign; the one that will cause everyone to share with their friends, exploding over the internet, providing tons of free, organic, advertising! But what makes a campaign go viral, and what can we as entrepreneurs with small budgets do with our campaigns to get them [...]

Innovative Marketing In 2014 {wow + delight}

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This month we will be discussing Innovative Marketing for 2014. Right now is an awesome time for women entrepreneurs.  As we look at innovative marketing, the process of attracting and generating leads, we have many opportunities available to us that never existed before. Innovation {wow + delight} So what is innovation?  It is creating something [...]

What Happens When The Plan Isn’t Working

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Today we’re finishing up our topic of Purpose and Planning for the month.  Last week we talked about how to develop a Purpose-driven Plan and today we’re going to focus on what happens when things don’t seem to be working as planned. So you have this great plan, but as you monitor your progress to [...]

Discovering Your Purpose

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Last week we spoke about the difference between passion and purpose.  As we continue this month’s discussion of purpose and planning, we going to dive into the hot topic of discovering your purpose. If you’re like most women, if you aren’t clear about your purpose, once you hit the 40 mark, you’re drive to know [...]