Creativity & the Feminine

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The discussion on creativity has evolved in recent years. While some people may still persist in believing that only a select few of the population are creative geniuses, many others are beginning to recognize that we are all creative beings, and many of those considered creative geniuses were actually just people who gave more time [...]

Setting Up Your Office For Increased Creativity

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Your office environment can have a profound effect on your creativity, especially if you work from home. If you have a home office, you need to do everything you can to keep it as separate as possible from the rest of your home, so you don’t find yourself distracted by thoughts of laundry or other [...]

The Creative Entrepreneur


For many, a creative entrepreneur is a professional in the creative arts--visual artist, musician, floral designer, etc. but creativity is essential to all entrepreneurs.  We need to think out of the box, envision, design, incubate and manifest whether we are a graphic artist or an engineer.  Yes, there are the left-brain and right brain thinkers, [...]

Moving Past the Winter Blues Into Spring Creativity


Creativity is one of the key things that sets an entrepreneur apart from a business owner.  We love to envision and create things.  We thrive on the creation of something that solves others problems, makes life easier, and just in general makes the world a better place. As we move into spring, and nature automatically [...]