Setting Up Your Office For Increased Creativity

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Your office environment can have a profound effect on your creativity, especially if you work from home. If you have a home office, you need to do everything you can to keep it as separate as possible from the rest of your home, so you don’t find yourself distracted by thoughts of laundry or other [...]

Feminine Leadership: How to Find Your Voice

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How To Find Your Feminine Voice No matter your gender, discovering your voice as an entrepreneur is always the first (and often the hardest) step in starting your own business. Before you throw yourself onto the world’s stage, you have to understand what your message is and why you should be the one to share [...]

7 Keys to Nurturing Your Sales Lead List-A Communication Plan

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As an entrepreneur you know the value is all in your list.  The first goal is to generate leads and create a list. The second is nurturing your list.  Your goal is to build a relationship with your list and to maintain a lifelong relationship with your list, so that you can monetize it. So [...]